Notary’s deposit accounts

For paying the purchase price, we recommend making the payment through notary’s deposit account in the bank most suitable to you. Notary’s accounts are as follows:

Swedbank EE052200221010850090 TIINA TOMBERG

SEB Pank EE161010010125472014 TIINA TOMBERG

Luminor Bank EE371700017000263636 TOMBERG TIINA

AS LHV Pank EE087700771001084383 TIINA TOMBERG

Coop Pank AS EE844204278616573610 NOTAR TIINA TOMBERG


In the description field of the payment order give information on the purchase to be made.

Notarially authenticated application of a person applying for deposit is the basis for deposit, the application may be included in the notarial deed concerning the securable transaction.

The person depositing funds has to be present at the certification of a notarial deed or submit to the notary an authenticated deposit application.

Notary’s deposit accounts for international payments